Serving Justice By Holding

Legal Professionals Accountable For Malpractice

Serving Justice By Holding

Legal Professionals Accountable For Malpractice

Demanding Accountability From Negligent Legal Professionals

Legal and accounting professionals owe a duty of care to their clients. Violations of the standard of care, through willful negligence or oversight, can seriously harm the clients they were meant to protect. Victims of accounting and legal malpractice can hold negligent attorneys accountable through a malpractice suit.

For help with a malpractice issue, turn to Lawrence J. Acker PC. With more than four decades of practice in litigation and arbitration, attorney Acker is well-positioned to handle even the most complex legal malpractice cases. His knowledge and experience gained while serving as an arbitrator before the American Arbitration Association and as State Chairman and Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers greatly benefits each case.

Proving A Breach, Causation And Harm

Arbitration and litigation end with a clear winner and the loss of a case does not necessarily mean the lawyer made an error. Rather, the attorney must have acted in ways that actively damaged the case and therefore the client.

Legal malpractice cases are a case within a case, first to prove the error and then proving that the client would have won if the error hadn’t been made. While it may be easy to prove something went wrong, it is far more difficult to prove how much damage the client suffered because of the mistake.

For malpractice to occur, four basic elements must be present:

  • Duty: An established attorney-client relationship
  • Breach of duty: Negligence in the representation
  • Causation: Proof that the negligence caused the injury
  • Damages: Proof of the extent of the injuries

Retain An Aggressive Advocate

As one of the most complex areas of law, legal malpractice cases require skilled advocacy, strategic planning and swift execution. Do not wait to retain counsel if you were a victim of legal malpractice. Arrange a consultation at one of the firm’s two locations by email or by calling 248-594-7277. From offices in Traverse City and Troy, the firm represents malpractice victims statewide.